Melting Snowmen


I think, in my entire childhood I’ve only made 1 snowman. And he looked far from the snowmen shown on TV. You know the ones I’m talking about
– 3 different sizes of perfectly round balls of snow all stacked one on top of the other.  Thin branches jutting out of the body for arms, the whimsical aloof grin made from coal with coal eyes beaming beneath a tall top hat, and a red scarf snuggly wrapped around his neck for “warmth”. Yeah, that kind of

Well, that was definitely not what I made….

For starters he was about a foot tall from the ground.  Not that we didn’t have snow, it’s just that for a 7-year old, pushing around a snowball that big is hard, let alone trying to heave it up into a tiered tower of snow!  Also we didn’t have coal – so we used a variety of different shaped rocks.  We also didn’t have sticks that were easily accesiable – so my poor snowman was armless.  And we didn’t have a top hat.  What we did have however, was a long grey scarf, so at least he was still “warm” through the winter months.

Despite how I just described my little snowman, I loved him, because he wasn’t perfect and because I made him.  (Wow, I’m sure this is a tag in a
Christmas special somewhere..

So obviously I thought about my little snowman when I came across IHeartCuppycakes blog.  Right up my alley, isn’t it?  The melting snowman was whimsical and cute and and even a little sad, and it immediately pulled at my heart.  For the cupcake, I decided to go with a vanilla base.  That was the easy part.  The creative part came after realizing that I couldn’t have any frosting, since the fondant would take the top portion of the treat.  So I decided to cut out a cone of cupcake from the centre…

And spooned in a generous dollop of cream cheese frosting into the well of the cupcake.  Be sure to cut off the tip of the cone and place the top portion of the cone back into place.  There you go.

Think of it as inside-out cupcake!

Then I place a thin layer of frosting across the top of the cupcake.  It kinda holds everything in place.

Rolling a thin layer of white fondant, I used a round cookie cutter with wavy
edges (to give a slight “splattered” look and cut out several circles for the base. Taking a grape size amount of white fondant, I rolled into a ball shape and created the head.  I used a small amount of frosting to “glue” into place.  I then rolled out black fondant and using the end of a straw, created “buttons” that were placed across the “puddle” snowman base.  Black fondant was further used for the top hat.  Red fondant, cut into strips were made into scarves and wrapped around his neck.  I used half a toothpick and used that to secure the hat and the head through the entire cupcake.

 I was too much in a rush making these little guys (as usual my procrastinator side rules) that I didn’t have time to create little “carrot” noses.  If you’ve got the time, you can roll out some orange fondant into tiny little cones, or do what IHeartCuppycakes did and use sunflower seeds – too smart!!

And there you have it.  He’s just as cute as my little imperfect 1 foot, armless snowman from years ago.  Really cute, definitely under a foot tall, and a whole lot sweeter….


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