Welcome to Sugar Forest….


My best friend enjoys Christmas.  Her house is usually flooded with lots of decorations from snowmen that sing, to wintery scene snow globes and everything else you can think in between that pertains to the holiday.  She also likes to have a real tree for Christmas.  Every year, sometime in December, her family goes out with axe in hand looking for the perfect tree.

This is her tree…

I on the other hand prefer the fake type of Christmas tree… the ones that come pre-lit, and require very little care on my part.  I do not, nor do I ever, pretend to have a green thumb. (This rule is applied for trees to even cactus’ – how sad.)

This is my tree….

So when it became my best friend’s turn to host our annual friends Christmas party, and I ended up being in charge of desserts – well, what else would be cuter than to focus on Christmas trees??

Okay, I originally got the idea from Bakerella.  How I love all of Bakerella’s sweet ideas.  And the Candy Cane Christmas tree cupcake has to be the sweetest.  It was also one of my fairly easiest projects.

Basically I whipped up a batch of white cake box mix and made into cupcakes.  Then I got ready with all my ingredients for decorating.

Mini ice cream cones, white chocolate candy wafers, sugar crystals and coloured sprinkles – everything I was able to gather from my local Bulk Barn.  Oh and candy canes!  I just happened to pick up a box of strawberry flavoured candy canes at the store … the rest, I actually pulled off my own Christmas tree.  Hee hee.

Placing one pound of the white chocolate candy wafers in a microwave safe bowl, I heated for about a minute and a half and checked the contents.  Then heated until all the wafers had melted down to a soft, gooey (very technical terms here!) liquid.

Now time to dip the mini ice cream cones. 

This was fairly easy, as well as really sticky – but I could work with that.  My big mistake was working with the chocolate while it was still warm and then immediately coating the freshly dipped cones into the sugar crystal.  Everything started to slide off to the bottom of the cone.  Not too big of a deal since it all hardens eventually, but you may have to reapply the sugar.

That’s pretty much the hard part.  With the cupcakes cooled, all that is left to do is frost the tops of them and then stick a candy cane into the centre (I broke off the hook part of the candy so that it would fit better).  Then gently place the sugared ice cream cones on top and viola – Sugar Christmas trees! Add some colourful sprinkles as ornaments.

I did one tree with ornaments and one without.  Either way, they are sweetly great.  A hit with all the little kids (and adults) at the party!



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