So many cakes…


I know it’s been ages since I’ve last written…. but I really have kept myself busy.  Honest!! Cakes and cupcakes a plenty!  And somewhere along the way I found out that I have gallstones, and so I’m taking some much-needed rest (although lingering near the oven).

So what have I been working on?

Well I have been creating several custom cakes.  The requests are coming in more frequently and much more challenging.  And I love it!

There was the Super Mario Cake….

This was also the first time that I got to whip out my airbrush machine and spray on the bright blue background against the buttercream fondant.  Everything was edible and handmade from the man-eating plants in the pipes to Mario himself.  (From what I heard, the little boy I made the cake for insisted that no one eat Mario for a good week or so.)

There was the Harry Potter Cake….

(sorry not my best photo since I used my iPhone for this shot).  Originally I had wanted to tackle making Lego figures of the Harry Potter game, but they kept falling and losing their shape, and so I decided on taking a few of the iconic images of the popular movie instead… The Gryffindor red and yellow scarf, Harry’s wand, Hedwig Harry’s faithful owl, the Sorting hat, Harry’s round glasses, the Golden Snitch and Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry as the main backdrop.

In May, one of my good friend’s turned 30th and for her birthday party I created one of my first pillow cakes.  Inspired specifically from her love for the princess Cinderella, this has got to be one of my favourite cakes!

The shoe is complete handmade and edible.

June is graduation month and my best friend’s little sister graduated from University.  To celebrate, I designed a graduation cake, complete with graduation cap, diploma, hard cover book and a stack of “essays” which made the base of the cake.

July proved to be a busy month also.  I have my darling little daughter’s 4th birthday where she insisted on a Rapunzel tower cake.  Seriously.  She looked at me and said she wanted a Rapunzel tower cake.  Sigh.  Diva at 4.  So I made it for her – what can I say about challenges … I don’t exactly run from them….

Crazy to think that a year ago is when I started this entire cake adventure with a castle cake and ice cream cone towers, to a single Rapunzel Tower cake that looks like this ….

The cake was the ground and the top of the tower.  The middle part I simply used PVC piping from Home Depot and covered it with fondant.  Viola!  She loved it.  I loved it too …

The following day, I had a baby shower for my husband’s cousin.  Their first child – so of course the gender of the baby is the great surprise that only having a baby can grant.

Everyone loved the little feet.

Of course I didn’t want to leave out the soon to be dad (just in case the cake was finished during the shower) so I baked up two standard cupcakes.  And I covered these in fondant faces.  Very fitting for a dad to be.

Then last week, in the midst of trying to rest with the pain of gallstones attacks (really not the best feeling in the world!) I had a simple request for 4 dozen cupcakes: chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and marble with banana cream.

I also had another request, from my sister this time, for a dozen red velvet cupcakes and an Erotic cake for her good friend’s bachelorette party.  Ahem…. yep, if your mind went into the gutter, you’re in the right spot.

Actually this was a fairly simple cake to make.  The details were simple – I stamped the lipstick stain using a stamp I bought at Michael’s with red gel food colour and used my edible gourmet pen to write on the “phone number” (it’s actually the date of the bachelorette party.  On the other side of the cake were a set of fuzzy handcuffs that I just piped on the detail.  Yah, it’s still hard not to blush looking at this cake….

Somewhere along the way I came upon a contest in Threadcakes.  It’s a fantastic contest that has cakes designed in 2D or 3D on designs based on T-shirts from Threadless.  And the entire process from start to finish (ie. eating it!) is captured in pictures.  It took me a while to decide on something – the list of designs is huge!!  But I eventually chose the design “Work of the Genius”

Which is a deconstructed bo-bomb character from Super Mario Bros.

The entire process plus pictures can be found through the link here.  I’m very proud of it, especially after viewing all the incredible quality of work that I’m competing against.  Check out the gallery.  Lots of talented people out there working with cake.

And last but not least I made a simple Hamburger cake for my husband for his 34th birthday.  We had a fast food pot luck ( a variety of his favorite fast food sampling in one sitting … because of my recent condition I had the leaner option of shrimp and rice).

I love the fact that there was no carving for this cake.  Just 4 round cakes all layered on top of each other.  Easy peasy….

The next couple months has a few more orders coming my way…. There’s a Lilo & Stitch cake, Mater cake (for my son’s 2nd birthday), Lightening McQueen and a Darth Vader helmet.

Sigh.  I still can’t believe that after one year I’m actually taking orders for custom cakes and that this little talent I’ve stumbled upon is growing in more ways than I could have imagined. …

Bring it on…. 😉


About Leah

Hello, I'm Maria Leah. I'm a pretty average novice baker & most recently cake designer. The funny thing is I haven't taken a cake decorating class - yet. Instead I watch way too much "Ace of Cakes", "Cake Boss" & anything really off Food Network, that one day I thought to myself, "why don't I make a cake"? And so I did...One cake, turned into 2, which turned into 3...which turned into cake and cupcake orders for my family, friends and now people who are really taking an interest in my work. Photos of my progress followed, my skills started to sharpen...and my supportive friends insisted on more cakes and what you have now is me blogging about all my baking and designing adventures - the failures and the sweet success. Enjoy. ML

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