A Quick update


Hi everyone. Just letting you know I’m still around and kicking. Had my lovely gallbladder surgery last Thursday. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Credit Valley Hospital for taking great care of me during my short stay (it was only day surgery after all). Thanks also to my wonderful hubby and my sister who were in the Surgical day care area waiting for me. I’ll admit that falling asleep in the OR and then waking up an hour later in the recovery room is still a surreal feeling. But from what I hear, everything went off well enough – I did go through a slight reaction to the anaestic drug and started wheezing as I was being tubed, but then it corrected itself shortly and everything went off without any further incident.

I currently have 4 little holes on my tummy from the laprascopic proceedure. They are sore, but recovery is faster this way.

Which is a good thing because I’m looking forward to baking up a storm. So much I want to bake up, and reading all my friends twitter accounts with their own baking adventures leaves me with a baking twinge that won’t go away until vanilla, eggs, flour and butter have melded together.

I’m sure it will be soon enough!!!


About Leah

Hello, I'm Maria Leah. I'm a pretty average novice baker & most recently cake designer. The funny thing is I haven't taken a cake decorating class - yet. Instead I watch way too much "Ace of Cakes", "Cake Boss" & anything really off Food Network, that one day I thought to myself, "why don't I make a cake"? And so I did...One cake, turned into 2, which turned into 3...which turned into cake and cupcake orders for my family, friends and now people who are really taking an interest in my work. Photos of my progress followed, my skills started to sharpen...and my supportive friends insisted on more cakes and what you have now is me blogging about all my baking and designing adventures - the failures and the sweet success. Enjoy. ML

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