I’m Leah.

I’m just an average, fun and fearless mommy of two of the best munchkins in the world, turned novice baker & more recently cake designer.

I simply credit my humble knowledge of baking with two things: watching way too much “Ace of Cakes”, “Cake Boss” & anything off of the Food Network and my mom and grandmother.  So it was only natural that one day I would think to myself, “why don’t I try and make a cake?”  Okay I’m not talking about one of those extreme sky-high, motorized, fire-shooting out the sides kind of cakes, but something modest and simple.

And so I did…

And from there one cake turned into another cake.  Slowly growing in their whimsical and elaborate designs.  I really didn’t know I had this fun hidden talent in me.

And each baked good I’ve tried to capture in photos for you to enjoy (both my  successes and failures in the oven to the decorating).  Nothing in life isn’t enjoyable unless shared….this is what I’m sharing with you.  Enjoy!



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  1. hi Leah,
    nice work ! im wondering if i can commission you to do a cake for a birthday? i Have an idea for a womens hiking boot, or boots, with some purple accents. I have a photo i can send u. Do you have time to do it by thursday evening and how much would it be? thank you

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