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2012 – The Future Looks Good….


Hi All,

Just a quick (although belated) Happy New Years greeting to you all.  Last year was tremendous cake-wise… everything done, from a hockey jersey, to a whimsical (and working) Angry Birds cake, to a straight off the runway fashionista cake – the ideas you threw at me were endless….and they’re still coming in!

2012 looks like it’s going to be full of surprises and sweet delights.

Part of my new resolution is to keep up with my blogging duties.  I fell of the wagon the last few months and I still have several cake pics to post.  Be sure to look out for that in a few days.

Wishing you all the best and the sweetest t that this new year can give you.



Mini Diva Cupcakes


My best friend hosted a Party Lite party today and had asked me to make some cupcakes.  Of course I obliged her with some chocolate mini cupcakes.  Mainly because I had some kicking around and didn’t want it to go to waste.

But I wanted to give it that extra “umph”.  It would a room full of women with smart tasted, I wanted to try painting.  On fondant.

Nothing fancy.

I wasn’t trying to discover my inner Van Gogh.  Just some patterns on fondant.  I mainly wanted to see if I could do it.  Maybe I was tapping into my inner girlie-girlie.

I started out by cutting 1 1/2″ circles from white fondant and allowed this to completely dry out – approximately a day.  I cut out about 30 some odd circles – you start to get into a rhythm and begin to lose count after a while….

I dusted half of these circles in pink.  Then using a hot pink edible paint and a paint brush I started to paint on dots.  Nothing perfect – big, small, misshapen shapes.  Once these were dry I proceeded to paint the dark shadow – a la leopard print.  I really loved how this turned out!!

On the rest I just left them with complete black spots or zebra printed patterns.

The full effect – fondant circles topping cupcakes, caught me by surprise.

GORGEOUS!  Very worthy of a group of DIVAS at a Saturday afternoon candle party.

A Quick update


Hi everyone. Just letting you know I’m still around and kicking. Had my lovely gallbladder surgery last Thursday. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Credit Valley Hospital for taking great care of me during my short stay (it was only day surgery after all). Thanks also to my wonderful hubby and my sister who were in the Surgical day care area waiting for me. I’ll admit that falling asleep in the OR and then waking up an hour later in the recovery room is still a surreal feeling. But from what I hear, everything went off well enough – I did go through a slight reaction to the anaestic drug and started wheezing as I was being tubed, but then it corrected itself shortly and everything went off without any further incident.

I currently have 4 little holes on my tummy from the laprascopic proceedure. They are sore, but recovery is faster this way.

Which is a good thing because I’m looking forward to baking up a storm. So much I want to bake up, and reading all my friends twitter accounts with their own baking adventures leaves me with a baking twinge that won’t go away until vanilla, eggs, flour and butter have melded together.

I’m sure it will be soon enough!!!

My first cake contest…


Remember my Super Mario Bros, bo-bomb cake?  I wrote about it briefly in my “So Many Cakes” blog.  Well the results came in on Friday afternoon ….


I didn’t win.

Okay not so shocking when you see all the other cakes I was up against. especially not so surprising when you see the other two bo-bomb cakes that followed my entry.

If you get a chance check out the 2011 winners at Threadcakes.

To be honest, as much as I was bummed out to not have won the grand prize (or the subsequent 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th places), I’m still glad that I entered the contest.  And I’m sooo entering next year when this contest comes around again next year…

You didn’t think I’d give up that easily, did you??

A Very Fancy Cake


A friend of mine contacted me last month on making a birthday cake for her soon to be 3-year-old daughter.  I, of course, couldn’t resist.

After many conversations with her daughter, it was finally decided that fashioning a cake after the Fancy Nancy books was the way to go.  We’re talking about fuchsia, lavender, polka dots, a crown and a tutu.  Oh so Fancy Nancy.  And just as fitting for a soon to be 3-year-old too.

I decorated each tier separately – sounds like common sense, really – but once upon a time, I didn’t do this step (shock and amazement) and yes the cakes looked like a disaster!  C’est la vie

The bottom cake was really the easiest to decorate with an assortment of polka dots in various shades of pinks and purples.  Easy peasy….

Decorating the top tier wasn’t so bad – but this was my first time creating a tutu from fondant.  Basically I cut out strips of fondant and pleated then around the cake.  The finished result was just too cute.  Next time, however I’d roll out the fondant thinner, since I found the thickness I did roll it out to seemed to dry out faster and created cracks along the surface. 

The easy part was the butterflies … roll out colour choice of fondant and use a butterfly cookie cutter.  (Really I enjoy the path of least resistance!)  Then using a piece of ordinary paper that has been folded, I slid in the fondant butterflies and allowed each to dry (preferably over night).  The paper held up the wings to allow the butterflies to look like they are about to fly.

I then strung them up on curled 12 gauge of jewellery wire (any colour you want – I just chose pink because of the theme), cut long enough to be embedded into the cake.  And that is how you make sugar butterflies take flight….

The crown (a Fancy Nancy must have!) was really the easiest, but in the end the most nerve-wracking detail.  Easy – because it was a cut out of piece of flattened fondant and formed against a tube (in my case I have a measuring cup that served this purpose well).  When it is dry, gently pry loose and LEAVE IT ALONE

When I was ready to top the cake, I made sure to secure it with pipped frosting along the front and back.  Then I just prayed it didn’t come lose during transport.  Ah, the details few people know that go through our minds when making a cake….

I finished the rest of the cake with little dots of piped icing around the base of the cake and along the empty spots of the top-tier. 

And there you have it – a very fancy cake.  Wouldn’t you agree?