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Baby Showers


This past weekend I was asked to create two separate baby shower cakes.  One for an old friend from high school and another for my best friend.  Both blessed with beautiful babies.  A girl and boy respectively.

For my old high school friend, she requested a red velvet and cream cheese cake done up to look like a present in pink and green.  Special Delivery.  Just like her little girl.

Then my best friend, who gave birth to her third child 3 weeks before his actually due date (he really wanted to make an appearance!) was holding a baby shower the same Sunday.  Not only did she need a lot of clothes for this little boy (her previous 2 kids are girls), but she had sold a lot of baby items just previous to discovering her pregnancy.  Hehehe.

It figures, doesn’t it?

I was given free rein on what to design for her.  Knowing that she loves to do cross-stitching in her free time, I happily created a simple cross-stitched center-piece.

After trying to recreate a cross-stitch look of strings on the fondant surface (and helpless flubbing by screwing up the last “e” in Welcome that I tried covering it up with fondant “string”), I have come to the very strong conclusion that I hate cross-stitching and give my best friend a 1000 kudos for her patience in her incredible hobby!

All in all both cakes were well created for two wonderful little individuals, newly arrived in the world.



Two Peas in a Pod


Babies are great!

I have 2 babies (okay they are quickly breaking free of the “baby” status as they run amok through my house), but really babies are great.  And TWO babies – well that’s got to be more fun, right?

A friend of mine is having twins.  For a small baby shower, I was asked to make her a cake with the theme “Two Peas in a Pod”, since everything would be green (not sharing the gender of the babies … plus it adds to a variety of clothes in various colours).

So naturally I made a pair of Peas nestled next to one another in a pod, smiling happily.

If only real vegetables were this happy.

To break the monotone of green I also added yellow flowers throughout the cake.  I figured that was as generic of a baby colour I could get after green.

The cake itself is a white cake with a Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream, my favorite filling.

I finished off the cake banner with a simple black gourmet edible marker.  Viola!