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Angry Birds


A few months back, a friend of mine turned my attention to a game to add onto my iPhone.  Angry Birds.  Ever heard of it?

And ever since that day, I have to admit, I’ve been hooked! 

The game basically, has you flinging a variety of birds with various abilities via sling shot at a group of grunting green pigs and the elaborate obstacles of glass, stone or wooden blocks that surround them.  Why are the birds so angry, you ask?  Because the pigs have stolen the birds eggs (can’t help but think of bacon and eggs here) … you can view a cartoon of it on YouTube.

I love the game so much that I’ve actually finished it – found all golden eggs and have gotten all gold stars for each level.  (For Lent I actually gave up my beloved Angry Birds, and have yet to actually finish the latest update in “Ham ‘Em High“, but aside from that last level I really did finish the game).  There are also subsequent games – Angry Birds Season (watch the birds attack the pigs dressed in their holiday best from Halloween to Easter) and the latest game being Angry Birds Rio, to coincide with the new animated movie “Rio“.

So when one of my friends told me that her son wanted an Angry Birds cake, I jumped at the opportunity!

I took each bird and hand-molded them using fondant.  It’s crazy that at first they looked like little colored blobs with white spots. 

Then as I drew on their features with my trusty black gourmet pen, they just seemed to come to life!  This is my favorite little bird….what do you think?

This is the entire Angry Birds cast all ready for the cake. 

The cake is a vanilla confetti cake with vanilla frosting, as requested by the birthday boy himself.  I then cut the cake into various hills and valleys for the birds and their nemesis to sit on.

I even included the elusive golden egg, hidden off to the side among some fondant green grass.

Granted that you can’t really play with this cake (there is one on Youtube that you can play and eat).  But I still love, love, love this cake! 



Spa party Cake


My husband’s, cousin’s daughter (still with me?) asked me to create a cake for her birthday party.  She’s turned 7 years old.  The theme of her birthday party was a spa/ tea party.  Only when you’re 7 can those two themes work!

Immediately I went to work on this sophisticated cake.  I decided to create a bag spilling with spa things (nail polish, sandles, creams, etc).  And out of fondant I created my first little figurine – complete with cucumbers over her eyes.

What a great cake for any 7-year-old girl to enjoy.  And with chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, what isn’t there to love?


April Days


Sorry I haven’t been around lately.  Its been a combination of things, really….

For starters my computer is dead (I’m literally writing from my iPhone) and I haven’t a clue when I’m getting around to fixing it.  I’ve also been on that fun roller-coaster ride of flus and colds that has touched everyone in my family (the latest being me, catching a wicked case of strep throat).  I know, how lovely.

So what else is new? Well I celebrated my 34th birthday.  Yeah, I’m not one of those gals who shy away at the mere mention of my impending birthday and being a year older.  I actually embrace it.  Love it.  Make a cake for it.

Yep, you heard me right.  I made my on cake this year.  I figure at least it’ll be a flavour I like and in a design I want.  Unlike so many past years, where it has been a bunny rabbit.  Because my birthday is in the spring and somewhat close to Easter….well, you see where I’m going with this….  So what did I decide to do?  


  I have 2 at the moment on my ankle.  The sun and the moon I got for my 21st birthday, and a dragon image I got a few years later overlaying the first tattoo. 

I have been playing with the idea of getting another tattoo, but it all boils down to location, location, location.  Do I get one on my wrist, on my other ankle, on my hip?  Oh the decisions.  So what easier way to get a bunch of my tattoos down, but on a cake?